Talk with the Animals!

The owl tells stories of Little Compton, too.

Explore the Collections Barn with some animals that lived in Little Compton. 

The artifacts in the Collections Barn offer insight into the agricultural history of Little Compton. There’s an ox cart, carriages, plows, fishing equipment, even a cow vomit rope. Who better to give tours of these things than the animals who knew them well. Use your cell phone to call (401) 214-6926 and choose tours from a cow, a dog, a horse, a fish, and an owl. And the mouse who curates it all. Get the animal-eye view of Little Compton history. 

Best done at the barn, so you can see the things the animals remember. But you can call from home. Or take a look at the tour brochures

With thanks to the students in the Brown University public humanities program that created these. 

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