About LCHS

The Little Compton Historical Society was incorporated in 1937 to preserve the history and cultural heritage of Little Compton for the enrichment and enjoyment of the general public. The Society fulfills this mission by:

  • Maintaining and restoring selected local sites of historical significance including the Wilbor House property dating from 1690 and the early 19th century Friends Meeting House;
  • Collecting, conserving and interpreting historical documents and objects linked to the houses, farms, and families of Little Compton;
  • Conducting education and outreach programs and issuing publications to share information and stimulate interest in the area’s history.


Contact us at 401-635-4035 or lchistory@littlecompton.org


6 thoughts on “About LCHS

  1. Where can I find history on the house itself, specifically ownership? I’m working on my family history and I’m coming across some information that I would like to confirm. I have information that states the following: “Anthony Rogers bought the oldest homestead in Little Compton on Maple Avenue in 1891 (the CR Wilbor farm and homestead built in 1690 by one of the children of the Plymouth Colony settlers).” My mother’s great-aunt Maria (on her mother’s side) was Anthony Roger’s wife (Rogers was anglicized from Rodrigues). Both families had emigrated to the area from the Azores, and I have located pictures of Maria’s brothers and sisters in your photo archive (last names Syliva, Luis Cotta). The majority of the relatives were dairy farmers, some remaining in Rhode Island and others going on to California (my great grandfather was Frederico, Maria’s younger brother). I would be very interested in any information you can provide me.

  2. Does the Wilbor house museum happen to be the former home of William and Elizabeth Alden Pabodie? Their history states that the Pabodie’s built a home on West Main Road around 1690, now known as the Peabody-Wilbour Farm. The Wilbour being Isaac C. Wilbour who lived there in the 1890’s. I would live to come visit if it is. If it’s not, any information you have on the Peabody-Wilbour farm would be appreciated!
    Thank you

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