6 thoughts on “Little Compton Cemeteries Index (PDF)

  1. Hi,
    I’m looking for information on a cemetery located on corner of Oak Forest Drive and Sakonnet Trail:
    LC 043

    Thank you very much,

    David Toracinta
    64 Oak Forest Drive

  2. I am looking for a death certificate on Andrew Lorensen funeral took place in Tiverton R.I. July5th 1891 .No death in tiverton town Hall or Fall river Mass town hall .Had to be buried some where burial permit .I think it was the law in 1891! Could you give me some pointers

  3. Interested in Davenport grave sites, likley names; Jonathan 1659-1729;Thomas 1681-1751;Oliver 1714-1790;Where i have found John decendents. John 1741-1809. Part of the family moved to Saratoga area, then on west here to Dryden NY. Ebenezer and our whole line to myself. Pretty cool!

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