Margaret Cockaway

Margaret Cockaway

July 17, 1721

Records in the Massachusetts Judicial Archives preserve one difficult episode in the life of Margaret Cockaway, an Indian woman of Tiverton. John Manchester of Tiverton sued Margaret for 40 shillings in 1721 for the expenses involved in clothing and keeping her daughter Febe (Phebe) for two years. Margaret, who was also known as Cate or Margery Cockaway, did not show up at the court held in the home of Thomas Church of Little Compton, and so Justice Church issued a warrant for her arrest and imprisonment in the Bristol jail.

Marjory O’Toole

February 29, 2020

Source: Massachusetts Judicial Archives, Folder 1721 24 – Jp Thomas Church. Many thanks to Edward Bell for his assistance transcribing and interpreting the documents in this file. 

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