Mildred Wordell Seabury

Mildred Wordell Seabury

1916 – 2000

Millie Seabury, 1940. Courtesy of Walter and Norma Elwell.

Mildred Wordell Seabury was born on 4/12/1916, daughter of Milton H. Wordell and Helen Lovett Wordell. She was the granddaughter of Henry and Elizabeth Wordell.

Mildred grew up on East Road near the Tiverton 4 Corners and the famous “Whipping Post”. Mildred, as a child and youth around the 4 Corners and especially at Fogland Beach, was very active.

Mildred graduated from B.M.C. Durfee High School in Fall River in 1938. After graduation, she became a waitress at Macomber House and later ot Foc’s’cle.

Mildred married Bill Seabury and they continued to live at Tiverton 4 Corners. Mildred and Bill had no children and Mildred continued her work as a waitress. Along with waitress, they continued to make the Seabury Sausage. In December 1967, Mildred and Bill bought their home on 252 Long Highway. Mildred and Bill spent the rest of their active years at their new home and started a famous local business, “Seabury Sausage”. They made and sold this Seabury Sausage at some local businesses and also from Long Highway. They also made and sold quahog chowder and stuffed quahogs. This Little Compton business also sold penny candy where all the neighboring kids came to buy it.

Walter and Norma Elwell

March 2020

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