Natalie Rego Darling

Natalie Rego Darling

Born 1940

Natalie Darling. Courtesy of Nicholas Medeiros.

Do you know what it would be like to grow up on a farm? Well, ask my grandmother Natalie Darling. Her father’s name was Joseph Rego and her mother’s name is Georgiana. She is the second youngest in her family of ten children. Her job on the farm was to milk and feed the cows, pick up and move hay bales, and clean barn stalls.

Her dad was from San Miguel, Portugal and her mother was from Middletown, RI. She grew up in Little Compton, Rhode Island and never moved. Her biggest influence while growing up was her mother.

Her favorite memory as a child was going to the movies in Portsmouth, R.I. with her family when she was young.

She went to Josephine Wilbur School for all of her schooling. Back then, the school  was all three levels: elementary, middle and high school. She never went to college. As a child she had always wanted to be a secretary for a company when she grew up.

My grandmother met her first husband David Medeiros in Little Compton, then met her second husband when she worked as a waitress, then a couple years later they got married. His name was James Darling.

She had two children and their names were David and Andrew, but unfortunately David passed away in a car crash when he was a teenager.

Now she cleans houses all around Little Compton and Westport. Her favorite thing to do is exercise and her hobbies are to read, do crossword puzzles, and visit her friends at the community center. She visits with them at lunch time all year round. Her biggest accomplishments were raising her two children.

Based on an interview with Natalie Darling, April 2020.

Written by: Nicholas Medeiros, Grade 5, Wilbur & McMahon School

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