Prudence Wilbour

Prudence Wilbour

1795 – 1889

Prudence Pearce Wilbour as she appears in the Benjamin Franklin Wilbour Scrapbook. LCHS Collection.

On April 4, 1865, the following item appeared in the New Bedford Standard:

“Rejoicing in Little Compton – Mrs. Prudence Wilbor, a patriotic lady of this place, and about 70 years, on learning of the taking of Richmond, through the Standard, donned her shawl and bonnet, sought the sexton, obtained the keys, and commenced a merry peal of the bell which continued one hour. She also called upon some young men to reeve the halliards of the flag-pole and to hoist the American Union at the mast head, while the roll of the drum and the music of the shrill fife, added much to the occasion. Many came rushing into the village to learn of the good news, and life and animation were evident on the countenance of all.”

Pat Pond

April 24, 2020

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