Research Policy

Research Policies

The Little Compton Historical Society maintains an archive of materials pertaining to the history of Little Compton. We are pleased to share those materials with the public by appointment when the condition of the materials and staff time permits.

All Research Visits

    • Appointments should be made a minimum of five business days in advance.
    • Before making an appointment
      • please review our on-line resources at
      • please note that all of our genealogical resources have been moved to the Brownell Library on the Little Compton Commons. 401-635-8562
    • Due to our small size and limited budget we do not employ an archivist or a librarian. Our staff and volunteers will try to accommodate your request during normal business hours, however at certain times their work load does not allow for research appointments.
  • Reproducing Materials
    • Reproductions of materials are intended for one-time, personal use. If information or images are to be used for commercial purposes, fees will apply. Please discuss with staff.
    • High Res and Low Res digital copies of hundreds of our resources including postcards, photographs, paintings and maps are available for a fee at Low res images are very affordable and work well for most personal projects.
    • All materials should be credited: Little Compton Historical Society
  • Protecting our Resources
    • All bags must be stored away from the research area.
    • Pencils only.
    • Materials must be treated gently. Our staff/volunteers will be happy to assist you if you have any questions or concerns.
    • Digital photographs are allowed at no cost.
    • Self-copying of materials may be allowed by the staff depending on the condition of the materials. Self-copying is 25 cents per page.


Standard Research Visit

  • An appointment is necessary.
  • Staff/volunteers will provide you with access to the standard research materials available in our reception room.
  • Staff/volunteers may provide you with up to 15 minutes of assistance. Any further assistance will require an hourly rate of $45 per hour, minimum of 1 hour.


Archival Research

  • An appointment is necessary.
  • A $45 per hour fee applies for all dedicated staff time. Minimum of 1 hour. (You will not be charged for the time you work independently with the materials.) Students and non-profit organizations may be exempt. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis.
  • Before your appointment:
    • You must review the available materials using our on-line collection.
    • You must provide the staff/volunteer with specific collections numbers for the items you wish to see.
  • Only one item may be viewed at a time.
  • Some items may not be viewed due to condition.


On-Site Research Consulting

  • A staff member or well-trained volunteer will search our available materials for information pertaining to your subject and will share copies of materials with you.
  • Fee: $45 per hour, 25 cents per page or digital image
  • All research will be conducted diligently, but there is no guarantee that it will produce results. Fees still apply even if there are no results.


Off-Site Research Consulting

  • Fee: $75 per hour, plus travel time, plus mileage.
  • All research will be conducted diligently, but there is no guarantee that it will produce results. Fees still apply even if there are no results.

8 thoughts on “Research Policy

  1. I can assure you,that my family is not black.My ancestors are listed in the book,The Little Compton Families.I am a direct descendant of Mary Bradford who married Abial Cook.Mary was the direct descendant of Gov William Bradford and Abial was the direct descendant of John and Priscilla Alden.

    • We know a great deal about Abial Cook and write exensively about him and two of his sons in our new book on slavery. Please give me a call or send an email and I will be happy to share what we know.

      • Abial and Mary had a daughter Alice. Alice married her cousin David Cooke. Alice and David are my third great grandparents.Their son Abial married Harriet Fuller. Their son Walter Abial Cook married Adaline Eastman and their son David Bradford Cook married Elizabeth KIlgress. Their son Walter Abial Cook II mnarried Helen Delany Cook on June 21st, 1944 in New York City at St Monica’s Church . Helen and Walter had tw o daughters. I am the younger daughter. David dropped the e from the lat mame when they moved to NYS. Abial was a layer and his son Walter was the Journal Clerk of the New York State Assembly. I have the books Thomas Cook of Rhode Island by Jane Fletcher Fiske. I am listed in the book. From, wnhat I read about the Abial Cook that married Mary Bradford he was not a very moral man. He was excommunicated from his church. This is my e-mail

      • I’ll send you an email later today. Once people leave town, we no longer collect info on them, but I can tell you a bit more about Abial and David.

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