LCHS Books

Books may be purchased at The Wilbor House Museum in person or over the phone (401-635-4035), on, or at local area stores


If Jane Should Want to be Sold: Stories of Enslavement, Indenture and Freedom in Little Compton, Rhode Island
by Marjory Gomez O’Toole (2016)
$20 (Members pay $15)

The Stories Houses TellLCHS2015Cover_front_lorres
by Various Authors including an Afterword by Marian Pierre-Louis (2015)
$15 (Members pay $10)

First Light SakonnetThe History of Little Compton, First Light: Sakonnet, 1660-1820
by Janet Lisle (2010)


A Home By The Sea

The History of Little Compton, A Home By the Sea, 1820-1950
by Janet Lisle and Little Compton Historical Society (2012)

Remembering AdamsvilleRemembering Adamsville
by Marjory O’Toole, Serena Parente Charlebois and Little Compton Historical Society (2013)


Sakonnet Point Perspectives
by James C. Garman and Michelle Styger (2011)


L is for Little Compton
by Piper Hawes (2009)

Little Compton Families (2 Volumes)book_LittleComptonFamilies
by Benjamin Franklin Wilbour

Little Compton Families: Little Compton, Rhode Island, Vol. 2
by Benjamin Franklin Wilbour

Little Compton Remembers World War II, 1945-1995 (Volume III)
by Little Complton Historical Society (1995)

book_TerraNovaVidaNovaTerra Nova, Vida Nova – The Portuguese in Little Compton
by Juanita Goulart (2007)


Portraits in Time, Three Centuries of Remarkable Residents, 1600-1900
by Little Compton Historical Society (2008)

book_SydneyBurleighThe Life and Works of Sydney Burleigh
by Janet Lisle (2006)

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  1. I’m ilooking for information about my third great grandfather, Howland Wilber, b. RI 1798 or 99. He married Deborah from Conn. and lived in Exeter, NY and then Barton. NY. They had 3 children. Apparently he was a farmer and carpenter. I’ve seen the suggestion that Howland was from Little Compton and am intrigued by his first name, wich seems to be a family name. I really know nothing about his family. IDo you have any suggestions? Would your books about families in Little Compton be helpful?

  2. Hello, I am a published author working on a modern series that I will possibly be basing in Little Compton (under a different title…). In the research process now. Would this title be available to purchase? It’s showing unavailable on Amazon: Portraits in Time, Three Centuries of Remarkable Residents, 1600-1900
    by Little Compton Historical Society (2008)
    Also, is there a main contact I can reach out to with questions regarding the history of some of the more notoroius residents? The cemetary’s not open to the public? I’m going to be in Little Compton staying for 4 days/3nights over this coming Memorial Holiday in May.

    Sandra Waine, Author

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